[200414][Aaron Dodo] Prisoner Breaker (English) [1274400]

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[200414][Aaron Dodo] Prisoner Breaker (English) [1274400]
Release Date / 発売日: 2020.04.14
File size / ファイル容量: 17MB

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One comment

  1. This game is a massive flop. The animations are incredibly lazy, even the character designs are lazy. I gave it a try just to see how it went and it has two massive bugs:

    1) certain messages that involve the innocence of several prisoners are bugged making it so that you obtain the information without consuming the credit and making it clear it’s been revealed. This one isn’t nearly as bad as;
    2) you can’t interview the jailers. THIS IS A MASSIVE OVERSIGHT! You are meant to learn the sex positions and kinks of the prisoners in order to learn who did it but the jailers are the ones who reveal what happened to the warden so by not being able to interview them you are legitimately just guessing on who is at fault.

    I really want to support indie games but this one really is as lazy and poorly elaborated as it looks. It’s crazy the author is selling it on Steam for 8$

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